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– How this learning action has helped you to re-view your Teacher Education programmes?
Learning Action 1 has helped me understand the major differences and similarities between SD and ESD and think about content I teach in my own context. It has further allowed me to re-look at the institution mission statement and the vision and how they relate to the SDGs and the ESD especially for the 21st century teacher we train.
– How can you work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in your context?
There is need to identify the existing gaps in the TE curriculum so that it is in line with the SDG 4, Target 7 and ensure that the ESD is the focus of the learning that goes on everyday.
– What still needs to be discussed and taken forward?
Assessment part has been missing in line with ESD. So, there is need to work more towards assessment of student participation in the projects under ESD so that this can also be part of the final score in all subjects assessed. Furthermore, find out the extent the SDGs and ESD have been implemented in the curriculum at TE level.
– Can you prepare some suggestions for colleagues/your department/your TE institution? What would you emphasize?
There must be emphasis on how Teacher Educators integrate or incorporate ESD in their daily planning and teaching against the allocated time in the curriculum. Also would emphasize on the students involvement in all Change Projects so as for them to acquire the necessary sustainable skills and competences for future survival.