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(a) what is known about a topic
– climatic changes are part of the cross-cutting issues that are usually covered only and just when they happen. In this case, Climate Change is visibly seen together with its effects today.
– In my subject Art and Design, cross-cutting issues are covered and these include HIV/AIDS, Environmental Education, Health Education, Human Rights and Gender. In this case, Environmental education covers issues to do with climate changes and its effects on the environment.
– Other study areas like Social Studies also looks at Population, Living together, the Environment, etc. where the climatic changes are covered either as positives or negatives to humanity.

(b) what is not yet known about a topic (in this case, climate change in Southern Africa).
– I think the current devastative effects are less pronounced in the curriculum on cross-cutting issues. Much of the content is mainly mentioning the emerging issues and gives less practical solutions to the problems. This means, as the climate changes, communities still do not have answers to the problems thus allowing the effects to grow beyond human capacity to end the effects.
– The inter-relationship that exist between different ecosystems is not known by the community members thus acting in manners that affect the whole system when man becomes irresponsible on one. For instance, harvesting timber for making charcoal has adverse effect on the rainfall pattern which again affects human in terms of food growth.

Use these videos to review what is currently included in your TE/TVET subject curricula on climate change in southern Africa, what is missing, and how you can review your curriculum to improve it
*What is included:
Weather patterns are part of the curriculum; the Environment (in terms of how to take care of the environment and what happens if it is not taken care of; causes of floods and droughts), the rain cycle; Population growth, etc.
*What is not yet known:
The causes of prolonged droughts, floods and high temperatures to abnormal levels. Most community members have not understood how systems are interconnected thus not understanding the origins of the devastative effects on mother earth and their regions.
– Also how humans must adapt to the climatic changes that have brought more misery and call for a change in how we live and interact with the environment as human beings.
*How I can review my curricula and improve it:
– Include cross-cutting issues in all study areas and concentrate on what must be done to address the emerging issues instead of just making awareness.
– Prioritize climate change as one of the most devastative emerging issue and seek for practical interventions to end its effects in all subjects.
– Allow for more field trips on topics to do with climate changes so that students experience the effects first hand.