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Lesotho agricultural college is committed to providing professional education and training, promoting research and community outreach, and providing guidance on commercialized agriculture, through combining quality theory, practical and research methodologies
By 2030, LAC shall be a centre of Excellence, guided by appropriate research, renowned for competent graduates, and resposive to clientele needs. These are the pillars of our development agenda.
1. To what extent does it reflect your understanding of the sustainable development?
Both mission and vision are not clear when it comes to sustainable development issues. They are just quite.
2. To what extent does it reflect your the definition of the sustainable development. Sustainable development is development which meet needs of present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs
Do you think this is needed or not?
The component of sustainability may be implanted in the following part of the mission providing guidance on commercialized agriculture through combining quality theory and practicals and community outreach.
3. To what extent does vision and mission statement reflect the objectives of ESD and the Gap?
LAC being a centre for excellence guided by the appropriate research will have to address the 21st century challenges and trials by taking and including sustainable development as indicated in the Agenda 2030.
4. How would you reframe your vision and mission statement to more sustaintively reflecting SD and ESD (based on your understanding of these concept and your context) l think the vision and mission statement should add the principle of the sustainable development to empower learner’s to take informed decisions and integrating critical issues such as climate change, risk management and develop skills for sustainable lifestyles.