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Tsépo Sekaleli
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A local matter of concern: Soil erosion
Since soil erosion is an issue of concern, students will first have to seek information about soil erosion, its causes, impacts on the local community and how it can be prevented or minimised. This information will allow them to come up with solutions either to sensitize community or provide alternatives to what may be the cause of soil erosion in the local community through either demonstrations, information-sharing through community gatherings or presenting a poster to the community about soil erosion.

All stakeholders (community, students and their lecturer) gather together to discuss and understand the relationship between agricultural practices in the community, cultural practices and norms in relation to the environment. These discussions and dialogue will result in a common understanding amongst the stakeholders of the causes of soil erosion in the community and how it can be minimised.

Addressing soil erosion concern is two-fold: Change of practices and rehabilitation of eroded areas. On the latter, its possible to undertake demonstrations and practical with the community to plant trees, grass re-seeding and construct gabion structures.
The best approach is to first sensitize the community and be sure after a holistic engagement in dialogue they have proposed a solution that they feel its best for their community and then together do a practical of that solution, e.g planting trees

Progress can be assessed by the proposed solutions to the problem at hand and the implementation of one of such solutions.

To successfully implement this teaching activity it is important that the timing is correct, that is, a time when community members are not at a pick of agricultural activity. Student will also have to fully understand the transformative learning approach so that every activity is understood to be meaningful and leading towards a particular end-goal.