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How would you work with students to mobilise stories and cultural heritage on a specific local SD issue or matter of concern (e.g. water pollution, waste, community health, energy, food security, safety of girl children etc.)?
How would you approach the matter of concern with a systems view? And how can this inform a participatory local inquiry into the matter of concern to understand it better? How would you do this with your students?
Issue of concern: mitigating effects of climate
In Lesotho when there is a drought community arrange “lesokoana” a game where girls and young women from one village go to another village to steal the stirring stick and the females from that villagers would respond by chasing them out of their village. Its stories like this that students can research to get inside into their origin and try to find their relationship to rainfall. Then from the story and all the information they can collect my students will brainstorm how they can use lesokoana story as a starting point to ways of mitigating the effects of climate change such as floods and soil erosion.

How would you assess progress in relation to the learning and the co-engaged, inquiry centred approach?
By use of rubric or problem based learning with aspects of an issue and methods used to mitigate it