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What is known about the topic
In 4th year methodology courses we cover crossing cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS, Gender and climate change. In other courses like Physical Geography climate change is covered under the topics Man and the Environment, Forest Fragmentation and Climate Change threats. On the other hand some Chemistry courses also cover Carbon emissions and its effect on the ozone layer.
What is missing
Clear emphasis on climate change and its effects. The scope of the topic is shallow because of being grouped under cross-cutting issues. Additionally, the effects such as floods, high temperatures and droughts are not clear cut in the curriculum. The pedagogies used to teach these topics are not hands-on hence learners do not actively participate apply this knowledge in real life.
How the curriculum be improved
-Clearly state climate change and its effects in the curriculum
-Use hands-on approach to teach the topics relating to climate change
-Encourage interventions (projects) that promote knowledge sharing among students, educators and the community.