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Comment and discuss on the forum how the following technology supported approaches can be used to enhance assessment of ESD.

Online discussions/blogs
these are very important tools for sharing information in the activities carried out by the learners and members of the community a given community of practice. Some assessments can also be shared on such platforms

Blended learning assessments;
These are important as they provide a well balanced assessment which charters for all learning objectives such cognitive, social emotional and behavioral objectives.

Online project based learning;
these can be used to asses even seriousness and commitment of individuals since so many things are found online how much time does one spend on that important project and let go of these other activities found online.

Since this one basically deals with individual information, it would be used to asses individual on how they are responding to transformative change and how they are supporting activities and practices that are environmental friendly in nature

Question Mark Perception;
Here, we address the how what and why kind of assessments. This will be very useful in assessing these different learning objectives
podcast; and
I can use them for teaching and learning by way of recording the lessons well in advance, put some activities and send them to my learners especially this time of covid 19 where we are encouraged to reduce the physical interaction

online/typed exams.
For a long time now, these have been used to asses different abilities of learners in terms of cognitive objectives. these can be used as a way of banking important information on ESD for continuity of the project.

What would make these more appropriate for transformative learning and ESD practice?
By integrating them in the normal teaching and learning process even where ESD is not mentioned.