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How would you work with students to mobilise stories and cultural heritage on a specific local SD issue or matter of concern (e.g. water pollution, waste, community health, energy, food security, safety of girl children etc.)?
Carry out stocktaking on the matter of concern, which in this case is waste.

How would you approach the matter of concern with a systems view? And how can this inform a participatory local inquiry into the matter of concern to understand it better? How would you do this with your students?
Engage students in action research and find background information on the matter of concern.

How would you work with your students and the community to work out what can be done together to address the matter of concern?
Using investigative methods, the students and the community would be able to come up with ideas that will shed a light on why waste ended up being a matter of concern.

Would it be possible to try out some of the proposed solutions and ways of dealing with the matter of concern? If so how would you and your students approach this?
By undertaking fieldwork and collaborative research and also by carrying out practicals. These activities will possibly come up with diverse solutions to the problem.

How would you assess progress in relation to the learning and the co-engaged, inquiry centred approach?
There will be knowledge sharing between students and the community.

What would you need to do to implement this teaching activity with your students?
Inform them about the approach that will be used and to make them aware that cultural practices and norms should be taken into consideration.

How could you support your students to use this T-learning sequence as they plan for practice teaching?
I would let them familiarise themselves with the T-learning sequence and let them practice and make necessary improvements where necessary.