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Lesotho College of Education
The vision statement of the College
It aspire to offer quality teacher training and education programmes in the SADC region and beyond by 2021.
College mission statement
It is to educate and train teachers who offer quality services to the community through sustained stakeholder contribution based on modern approaches and research.

To what extent does it reflect your understanding of sustainable development?
The College intends to play a vital role in the development of people locally and globally.

The College vision and mission reflect the definition of sustainable development that reads “Sustainable Development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Do you think this is needed or not?

The college admit and train students who lack content knowledge and pedagogical skills for future benefits of the nations worldwide. As it educates and train teachers, it does not intend to compromise quality of education so that the lives of people will improve.

To what extent does your institution’s Vision and Mission statement reflect the objectives of ESD and the GAP?
It also takes into consideration the expertise of the stakeholders in education and therefore involve them. It is stated explicitly that the College aspires to provide quality service to student-teachers who will later be work in and with the community. It further intends to use modern approaches to teaching.

How would you reframe/restate your institution’s Vision and Mission statement to more substantively reflect SD and ESD (based on your understandings of these concepts and your context)?
They should say something about utilisation of available resources.