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how the following technology supported approaches can be used to enhance assessment of ESD.

Online discussions/blogs
They allow learners to interact and exchange ideas on a given topic even if they are not physically present in a classroom. Learners are given an opportunity to express themselves on a certain topic in their own convenient places. In this way the teacher can identify the gaps in the knowledge of the learners.

Blended learning assessments
This is important because it adds variety to the learning and assessment process. Some learners may not express themselves well with online discussions and may prefer face to face interactions. Some assessments can best be done using physical observations, for instance social emotional learning.

Online project based learning
It gives an opportunity to students to illustrate their work using online platforms

Learners take time to select and compile their own best pieces of work. In doing so they will be evaluating and assessing their own work. They can combine written texts with pictures and videos

Students can take the exam in any venue of their convenience. This could enhance performance because it eliminates the intimidating examination room environment. They can be used to assess a variety of cognitive abilities.

What would make these more appropriate for transformative learning and ESD practice?
Learners can share ideas and see practical videos online, this could bring about transformative learning and ESD practice