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Online discussions/blogs
Online discussion gives learners opportunities to learn and share about important topics that appear in the curriculum. For example, they can discuss about uses of water and ways of saving it. They can exchange ideas and learn from each other about good personal and environmental hygiene practices. Discussions can be done on forums and by using social media groups such as what’s app groups. A teacher will have opportunity to assess learners knowledge based on the discussions.
Blended learning assessments
It gives both learners and teachers opportunity to interact online and face-to-face to emphasis important information. Learners can also work on practical assignments well.
Online project based learning
Although this can be challenging to other learners, they will have opportunity to use diagrams and videos to present their projects.
Learning is a long time process. Therefore, learners will compile their work in folders and keep it safe.
online/typed exams.
A teacher will be able to assess diagrams, videos and portfolios.