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1. How would you go about assessing the cognitive learning objectives?
I would ask questions where learners would be expected to recall and remember some information related to water and sanitation and also to use information for application purposes.
2. What variety of assessment methods could you use for assessing the socio-emotional learning objectives?
I would use methods that would assess a learner’s ability to communicate, negotiate and collaborate. This could be in the form of questionnaires.
3. What assessment approaches would you use to assess the behavioral learning outcomes, especially those that reflect values?
I would use formative assessment, self and peer assessment methods. I would also make use of practice presentations.
4. How would you assess social learning outcomes associated with the SDG, especially the involvement of learners working with communities on sustainable development actions (as emphasised in Learning Action 3)?
Large-scale assessment, national assessments and self assessment.
5. How could you include the above in an inclusive end of course examination?
In the end of course examination I would include questions that would assess how learners interact with the community in issues related to sustainable development.
6.To what extent does your assessment reflect assessment of significant learning?
Assessment would provide feedback to learners.