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Mushinga wa Mooto
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How would you go about assessing the cognitive learning objectives?
– by setting tasks that seek to check the earners abilities on use of basic knowledge on the material to be taught or learnt

What variety of assessment methods could you use for assessing the socio-emotional learning objectives?
– the assessment should include activities that will make use of collaboration, negotiation, communication and self reflection.

What assessment approaches would you use to assess the behavioural learning outcomes, especially those that reflect values?
– it should contain aspects that require the learners to plan, implement, evaluate and influence

How would you assess social learning outcomes associated with the SDG, especially the involvement of learners working with communities on sustainable development actions (as emphasised in Learning Action 3)?
– By giving tasks that requires the learners to collaborate, negotiate, communicate and self reflection. These tasks should based on the identified SDG and the manner of realization

How could you include the above in an inclusive end of course examination?
– looking at the abilities of students to work with other teachers at the schools of their practice to implement SST activities. The assessment should also include the abilities to engage with the learners and communities around the school for successful realization of SDG

To what extent does your assessment reflect assessment of significant learning?
– the extent is very minimal in that it does not fully cover and measure the involvement of the students in aspects of social emotional learning as well as detailed behavioral transformation.