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Online discussions/blogs
These provide an opportunity for learners to collaborate and share ideas on different topics of discussion. They also promote self-directed as well as reflective learning as a result fostering peer-review and peer assessment.
Blended learning assessments;
These are flexible modes of assessment that involve both face-to-face and online learning assessment. This helps learners to embrace various online platforms, hence enhancing their knowledge, skills and competencies in traditional classroom settings as well as online.
Online project based learning;
This helps learners to research more and access wider range of information. Their work can also be peer-reviewed by others. This facility is also likely to promote self- directed learning.
This is a collection of learners online activities. It is critical in enhancing the quality of assessment due to the various activities involved.
Question Mark Perception;
This system helps the teacher or lecturer in creating question banks. This makes the assessment process efficient in terms of organisation of tasks such as tests, quizzes and examinations.
These are flexible in terms of information sharing, a number of social media platforms can be used.
online/typed exams.
They are key in helping the teacher to assess learners knowledge and understanding over a period of time either formative or summative.
What would make these more appropriate for transformative learning and ESD
They are flexible and diverse hence they be used for transformative learning which does not only focus on knowledge but also on skills values, ethics and other numerous competencies.