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Kalumiana Mwangala Connie
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How would you go about assessing the cognitive learning objectives?
by setting test that require learner’s to understand the importance of the subject that is been taught at hand.
What variety of assessment methods could you use for assessing the socio-emotional learning
By experimentation through this method able to observe. Learner’s are given practical work to do such as making of bio fertilizer. By this way learners can be committed to work.
What assessment approaches would you use to assess behavioural learning outcomes?
ask learners to plan a design how they will do increase production when carrying out science technology engineering mathematics in intensive gardening. And through formative assessment this is by giving them a test at the end of the term and through peer assessment.
How would you assess social learning outcomes associated with the SDG especially the environment of learners working with the communities.
by looking at the learner’s how they are collaborating with the communities around them.what is dance movie asked to go into the community and ask elders about it indigenous knowledge they have been using intensive gardening.And how elder
have been using the issues of mathematics engineering science and technology into the garden.
How could you include the above in an inclusive and of course examination?
Planning questions that include practical and theory.
To what extent does your assessment reflect assessment of significant learning?
it assesses cognitive social ,emotional and practical aspects.