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Kalumiana Mwangala Connie
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1. Online discussions
*Are collaborative tools to facilitate communication and knowledge construction
*An individual can view content And contribute to an online discussion any time or place on their computer with an internet connection.
* They promote expanding classroom meaning.
*Online discussion can enhance knowledge skill and competencies
2. Blended leaning
*this is a method of teaching that integrates both face-to-face and online learning.
*This help learners to have different kinds of skills.
* this can enhance the knowledge of learners and even their skills and competences in traditional classroom setting and even online
3. Online project based learning.
* This is an instructional model that takes a learning by doing approach and found ways to integrate it into online.
* this can help learners to build 21st century skills such as collaboration ,,communication , critical thinking and creativity.
4. Electronic portfolio
*An electronic eportfolio is a collection of electronic evidence assembled in an electronic format that showcase learning over time.
*They provide an opportunity and the visual space for learners to critically assess their work to reflect on that work, and make connections among different subject areas , assignments , and other activities such as experience and extracurricular activities.
5. Question mark perception
* This makes the teacher to be creative in making questions.
*Promote the development of the knowledge , skills.understanding, values, and actions required to create a sustainable world , which ensures environmental protection and conservation , promote social equity. And encourages economic sustainability.
6. Post cast
* Is a fully contextual and download audio.file that.anyone can listen to at any time either via a post cast
* This enables learner to work at any time.
* learners will develop the spirit of self supervision.
7.online/ typed exams
* This the Conducting a test.online to measure the knowledge of the participants on a given topic
* Learners can do the exams at there own time, with their own device, regardless of they live.
* Learners will have the ability to learn news things
* Learners are made to be more creative and more transformative.