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Hello dear colleagues,
My name is Kondwan G. Bolie Mwalweni and I am lecturer in Social Sciences Department at Karonga Teachers Training College which is in the northern part of Malawi. For four years I taught Geography and History in secondary school. In college, I mainly teach Social and Environmental sciences.
What has motivated me to be part of the team that shares issues on Education for Sustainable Development is my background as someone who trained in Environment and Natural Resources Management and Physical Development Planning. Such courses made me believe that there shall never be meaningful developments without environmental resources. Meaning that sustained environment obviously yield continued developments. I am very Hopeful that by taking part in this course, and sharing ideas with international
colleagues I will be able to beef up my understanding and skills on how make our environment more sustainable for it to better support developments and a healthy human population.
The change project is about creating a green environment through use of organic manure and water harvesting. This will be undertaken by our team of lecturers and students. We hope to come up with demonstration plots on which manure will be collected from poultry farm and compost to fertilize fruit trees, other trees and vegetable garden. Surrounding community will be invited to observe and learn best practices from our demonstration plots.