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Washington Mbhamali
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My understanding of the concept of sustainable development is that it is any initiative that is aimed at transforming the collective livelihoods of people in a society to a state where their needs are met in terms of political, economical, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions. SD those initiatives should have a plan for sustaining those developed livelihoods without impinging on the ecological balance of the natural resources needed for development. The main sustainability development issues in my country and community are: political instability, dependence of donor funding for basic needs, poor infrastructure for establishing sustainable global partnerships, and establishment of donor-funded initiatives without proper plan for self-sustenance. For example, some TVET institutions were established using funding from international donors who after some years ceased their financial support, leaving those institutions idle after the missionaries go back to their countries. Such institutions had to close because they could not sustain their operations.

One of the implications of my TVET Change Project development is that our trainees will develop the culture of self-reliance and self-sustenance through online learning. Another implication is that the online learning will help reduce chances of spreading the COVID-19 infections through minimized face-to-face interactions in larger numbers as most training will be conducted online. The third implication is that our trainees will learn how to establish and run small scale businesses using online platforms.

The first definition will guide the knowledge and skills needed for each TVET course in my institution as the content should be based on needs analysis of the trainees and the communities from where they come. The knowledge and skills acquired should empower the graduates with skills needed by their communities for development, otherwise they will graduate to go and stay idle without jobs. The second definition will guide the entrepreneurial aspect of out TVET courses, in the sense that the trainees should be trained to focus more on self-employment than on paid employment to achieve the goal of self-sustainable employment for TVET graduates. Therefore, our “Online facilitation of TVET courses” as a Change Project will train our trainees to be self-directed, self-employed, and self-sustainable using online platforms.