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Hi everyone. My name is Tiffany Banda, a lecturer at the university of Malawi. As a teacher educator and within the context of countries in the global south where poverty is rampant and environmental issues having had serious impact of communities, I strongly feel that there is something that we can all do in our spaces to make a difference in making the world a better place. In my case, the areas where change projects can apply are through the curriculum review. This would include adjustments to the teaching and learning approaches in adopting pedagogical approaches that encourage critical thinking, problem solving and futuristic thinking. It would also be through such approaches that resolutions could be arrived at is dealing with resource demanding activities. An example is through improvisation of teaching and learning resources through use of recycled waste rather than having to buy or do without teaching aids due to financial constraints.
Greening of the campus is another activity that would contribute towards the change project ideas. Issues of waste management, afforestation, water recycling and adoption of alternative energy sources would be among those to include in the change project. Through the inclusion of members from other faculties into our community of practice, we would tap from their expertise and bring about the change we would want. This would then later spill over to the surrounding communities.