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Sustainable development is about striving to engage only in initiatives that have the most of benefits to us who are part of the current generation and if possible to future generations. The benefits should be those that meet requirements of equitable use of natural resources, minimizing by all means possible any identifiable or potential negative impacts, and respecting all principles of justice for all, fair allocation of the economy, and maximum application of locally available knowledge and/or cultural practices.

My views in terms of ESD and Sustainable development are focusing on how best the concept of ESD can be sufficiently embedded in the curriculum to ensure that ESD is made practical and achievable. Curriculum in TEI should be designed in a way that considers the different aspects covered in the definitions of Sustainable development, especially regarding making sure that all endeavours do not compromise the needs for both the current and future generations. Also, I think ESD will be only adequately achieved when TEI start demonstrating fully that the teaching approaches they use do influence students’ abilities to take responsible actions that suit social, political and economical conditions of the areas in which they live.

As already addressed in the foregoing text, in my TE institution, I would advocate for a review of the syllabus for some of the courses to ensure that they all are based on transformative learning methods through which action can also be demonstrated by graduates.