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Hello team, I am Hlobsile Magagula a lecturer at Ngwane teachers College in Eswatini. I am in the department of education teaching ECCE and PTD students. I was motivated to participate in this programme because I realized that working with future educators puts me at the Centre of making change in my institution, the schools where these teachers will be teaching and the entire community of Eswatini as these teachers come from all corners of the country.

My interest is acquire skills on how to develop a change project that will be relevant to the challenges of the 21st century. I believe education is the best vehicle we can use to ensure sustainable development across the globe. Sensitizing and equipping future educators with ESDs will ensure poverty reduction, good health practices in families, unpolluted environment and independent citizens across all genders.

Our institutional change initiative is reducing and recycling papers at the college. We will work towards building an environmental club that will be students and other academic staff as well as non academic staff to reduce papers in offices and the premises, then recycle using natural ways.

Being part of the programme will assist me on gaining knowledge to make a sound contribution to this change project.