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Sustainable development is development of the community that meets the present needs of generation and future generations with less harmfully in our planet. The critical SD in my community are climate change, drought, loss of biodiversity,economic stress, poverty. My views on ESD reflect understanding SD reflecting two definations mentioned. My view on the first defination is how can development can occured without even little compromising or harm the needs of future generations. As all knowns that any development have both positive outcome and problems. Views on second defination is based on learning to build our capacity to live more sustainably. It is true learning is endless process that can be taking place and adopted according to the current situation or environment that can lead to live more sustainably accordingly. Implication of TE/TVET Instruction change project development is to view some aspects of SD that can be integrated into our national curriculum that will help our community to develop under present and future generations with less harm.