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Learning Action 1 has helped me to re-view my TE/TVET programmes as follows:
-It has provided a number of insights regarding SD and ESD that need to be incorporated in teacher education since teachers play a fundamental role in initiating change as well as transforming society.
-It has also encouraged me as a teacher educator to see myself as a key player in bringing about positive change in my institution in terms of SD and ESD.Hence getting the motivation to aim at initiating change accordingly

I can work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in my context by:
– Reflecting on the core business of teacher education and evaluating the extent to which my institution embraces principles of SD and ESD for example in terms of content or methodology.

What still needs to be discussed and taken forward is:
-Wholesome responsibility on the need for achieving SD and ESD at teacher training level.
-Preparation of teaching and learning material for achieving SD and ESD.
-Routine reviews on how SD and ESD can be achieved at teacher education level
-Creation of a policy statement on SD and ESD at institutional level.
-Capacity building on SD and ESD at institutional level.

Some suggestions for colleagues / my department / my TE/TVET institution- What I would emphasise:
-SD and ESD are fundamental to creating a more meaningful package for teacher education trainees,thus they must be given the attention they deserve.
-My colleagues should see themselves as major agents of achieving SD and ESD because they understand better what they are and are better placed to taking them forward.
-My institution should be seen to appreciate the importance of SD and ESD and it should create opportunities that allow achieving SD and ESD.
-SD and ESD require everyone’s involvement and as such every effort must be made to incorporate everyone.