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Newton Isaac Nyondo
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Look back at what has been discussed in this Learning Action 1. In the forum, reflect on:
How this Learning Action has helped you to re-view your TE/TVET programmes?
This learning action 1 has helped me to review my TE programme for I have come to understand how the learning content, pedagogy, and learning environment should be in order to bring about learning outcomes responsible for present and future societal transformation.

How can you work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in your context?
– By continuing reading the materials suggested and provided by UNESCO.
– By Reviewing the Vision and Mission statements of my institution to see how they reflect the ESD
– By reviewing to what extent the Learning content Integrates critical issues such as
climate change, biodiversity, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable consumption and production into the syllabus

What still needs to be discussed and taken forward?
The issue that needs to be discussed and taken forward is how should we integrate ESD in teaching and learning in practical terms?

Can you prepare some suggestions for colleagues / your department / your TE/TVET institution? What would you emphasize?
My suggestion for my TE institution is that:
– Staff, student-teachers, and other stakeholders should work collaboratively to make sure that ESD is practically integrated into teaching and learning. this can be done by designing teaching and learning in an interactive, learner-centered way that enables exploratory, action-oriented, and transformative learning.