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How this Learning Action 1has helped you to re-view your TE/TVET programmes?
It has helped me much to know and understand whether our TE programmes are aligned to SDG’s specifically with SDG 4. by reviewing our programmes using the action learning framework number one it will help me identify and analyze gaps and thus we are going to use different strategies to make our programmes work in a way that it will bring and place our education system in successful and meet the 21st century goals.
2.How can you work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in your context?
By reviewing our programs i.e. whom we teach, what we teach, how we teach, how we conduct assessment and the assessment tools we use and the quality of teacher we produce at the end of programme in connection to SD and ESD.
3.What still needs to be discussed and taken forward?
We have to discuss how the change project will be carried out after the end of the programme.
4. Can you prepare some suggestions for colleagues / your department / your TE/TVET institution? What would you emphasize?
Suggestion: Identify the gaps and establish CoP in different departments.
My emphasis should be on SDG 4 especially on developing teachers for ESD which should be aliened with 21st century competencies.