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Job Stephen Kyamogi
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In this current Covid-19 era,the technology supported approaches can be used to strengthen innovative assessment needs of all assessment practice that entails the six aspects of the synergistic significant assessment of significant learning. Inline discussions for example would promote the cross pollination of ideas at a global level hence the realisation of deeper learning how to learn from a wider global audience. Blended learning strengthens Significant Assessment(SA)of significant learning in aspects of feedback which when using web based platforms is much faster and therefore more effective. Online project based learning strengthens models on the ground as it provides more examples from different cultures. The e-Portfolios, exams and question mark perceptions are efficiently handled and results fed back in good time. Podcasts are excellent substitutes where face to face restriction are in place because learners can replay for clarification of what they are hearing directly. In conclusion, the 7 practices above would be made more appropriate for transformative learning by users sticking to the synergistic ESD SA model. Face to face hand on immersions should be the foundation on which technology supported assessment approaches can be applied in ESD assessment.