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Hi! I am Thokozani Celiwe Khumalo from Ngwane Teachers College at Eswatini. I am a Professional Studies Lecturer.
My interest in this course was tied to synchronizing the ESD goals and how we work around as countries to achieve them by 2030. It was also a concern that, in as much as we have taught quite a number of student teachers, it has been a challenge to a majority of them to produce sustainable education to their learners.

My change project has to do with recycling papers in the institution to make flowers, firewood, and other art materials which people can use for decorating their homes. It is replacing burning the papers and letting them float around an environment which promotes health hazards through polluting the environment when we burn them. There is a feeling that if we teach our student teachers how to take care of used paper, they may be able to use the skill to their learners also. This may be improved in phases as we continue to engage in it and may see needs for developments.