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for our project the matter of concern is community health and waste. I would mobilise them by assigning them to go to communities and collect narratives on indigenous plants of medicinal and nutritional value .they would have to collect every information about the plants, including the names. another group would go and do research on compost, including any cultural use or importance of it. I would ensure that that both indegenous and scientific information is collected as important and let the students realise beforehand that indigenous knowledge is important. the linkages between indigenous knowledge and culture should also be appreciated by students and the community, so that there is no looking down upon any one type of knowledge. students would have be involved in finding the information after the lecturer has given them guidance on what to look for, what questions to ask etc. The students would need to ask the local community what herbs and plants they use at home to remedy specific ailments, ask how effective they are in helping them, what their names are? how they got to know about them? what are the names of the plants? is there any cultural importance behind the particular plant that must be known? Trying out some of the plants for medicinal purposes would be possible because some students and lecturers are using them already. even community people are using them, that is why umhlonyane has become very scarce, only found in HHOHHO area now. Almost all Swazis have been drinking it, together with the others…e.g. bitter leaf, umsutane, mint and lemon. So yes trying them out is possible
After talking to the students on the best approach, i would also task them to find out from the community how they can work together to answer some of the questions. I would then check if they are collecting the required information; if not, i would support the students by explaining the whole activity to the community so that they are on board. progress will be assessed by checking each day if they managed to collect relevant information, so that we look at it and see if its complete or we may want to add exra questions so that everything is covered. students will also ask for some seeds or seedlings that the community people might have. we might even get more than we hoped for. I would need to formalise my collaboration with the community as a lecturer by securing permissions where necessary. i would ask them to prepare lesson plans that use a variety of teaching methods, and assess the use of varied methodologies so that they get used to doing that. i would also make sure that they are also able to assess their own work by giving them a rubric so that its transparent what is being rewarded. that will give them skill.