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The five videos that I watched at the end of session 2 gave me some idea of

(a) what is known about a topic,
climate change and its impact on us as human beings whereby nowadays we are faced with challenges such as high temperatures, floods, drought, and many more. This is mostly well-covered in agriculture, social studies, and science department

(b) what is not yet known about a topic (in this case, climate change in Southern Africa)? How can we do away with climate change as people cannot stop doing different activities to earn a living

Use these videos to review what is currently included in your TE/TVET subject curricula on climate change in southern Africa, what is missing, and how you can review your curriculum to improve it
There is a need to integrate the issues of climate change into the curriculum so that students will understand the concept vividly. Engaging students to have projects that will help them gain and improve knowledge and skills about the climate change