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(a) what is known about a topic
Climate Change in Southern Africa: Countries in Southern Africa are heavily dependent on agriculture, water and forest. The economy is dependent on the ecosystem. However, the impacts of climate change have been devastating over the years. There has been the rise sea level ( especially Mozambique), destroying agriculture field, increase in carbon dioxide, frequent floods, prolonged droughts, scarce rainfall, rise in, deforestation, storms and tornadoes, unpredictable rainfall patterns. This has led to loss of livelihoods and security. However, some countries have developed coping strategies such as practicing conservative agriculture.

(b) what is not yet known about a topic (in this case, climate change in Southern Africa).

I think more effort should be directed at fighting the issue of poverty in the region because saving the environment is the least of the peoples’ concerns than meeting their basic needs. I think equal effort must be channeled to that. In as much as there are Regional Climate Models, there is also the need for intensifying communities’ structures to interpret the information and help to heed any warning related to weather incidences. Strategies are needed for navigating through this period and build resiliency and to get all the countries to work together in reversing the damage and come up with the way forward.

What is missing? and how you can review your curriculum to improve it.

I think our curriculum need include most of the climate change content and place more emphasis on practical activities related to saving the planet. With the increase in rate of unemployment, there is the need that the curriculum equip students with self-sufficiency skills.