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Having watched the five videos with much keen interest, this is what is known about the topic:
1. Climate change has negatively impacted on agriculture and environment in many African countries including Malawi
2. Local people in rural setting do not really understand that climate change is as a result of human activity on environment due to little education or illiteracy.
3. Climate change has led to change in rainfall patterns and drought in some cases which has led to extinction of some animals

What is not yet known about the topic include:
1. Taking the topic as a serious issue that should be tackled across all subjects.
2. Inclusion of many adaptations in the instructional materials on how to reduce effects of climate change.

Currently, in Teacher Education the topic is taught in social studies where definition and effects of climate change are emphasized. However, the Curriculum would be improved if more case studies on major calamities that have happened in Southern Africa due climate change were included in the Curriculum. This would help student teachers appreciate the seriousness of the topic and be agents of change to wherever they would be posted to teach.
Additionally, the topic should also partly be fused in other subjects to underscore its importance