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Basing on the five videos watched at the end of session 2;

(a) what is known about the topic “climate change in Southern Africa” include;
-the environment is quickly losing its biodiversity
-human activities are a major contributing factor to environmental degradation
-adverse effects of environmental degradation such as floods, drought, irratic rainfall and global warming are hitting the world including southern Africa

(b) what is not yet known about the topic “climate change in Southern Africa” include;
-how best can communities meet their needs while ensuring sustainable livelihood
-to what extent has climate change affected livelihood in Southern Africa
-whose responsibility is it to ensure environmental sustainability

Using the videos, currently the TE curricula for Malawi addresses climate change as a cost-cutting issue. It has been mainstreamed in subjects such as Social and Environmental Sciences, Agriculture and Science and technology.

However, climate change in our TE curriculum mainly focuses on knowledge. In fact, much emphasis is on the causes, effects and mitigation of effects of climate change, with very little hands-on activities to let students take responsibility of the environment. Basing on this, the curriculum needs to be reviewed to include more practical activities that will make learners responsible of the environment.