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I am Sikelela Dlamini, an ECD specialist & practitioner. I’m currently Senior Lecturer at Workers University College (WUC) where I also serve as HoD (Education), TP Coordinator & Dean of Student Affairs (DSA). I hold a PhD (Education: Early Literacy Development)and am the lead ECD person at the college.
Quite frankly, I’ve always valued the environment & cringe each time I witness litter being thrown through car & bus windows. I’ve, however, always felt helpless & just did what I could do like pick the litter where possible and let others be. Through this ESD SST Course, & more directly the WUC CP, I feel like I now have the personal agency to reduce the adverse effects of climate change, in particular, mitigating global warming through proper waste management & disposal on campus. The emerging CoP assures me that there can also develop here collective responsibility & agency with regard to this identified thrust of our ESD CP. I’m thrilled & can’t wait to hit the track – there’s so much to do in a limited time period. I’m loving this space!