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Makamohelo Nyabela
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The five videos that you watched at the end of session 2 gave you some idea of

(a) what is known about a topic, and
-Climate change is mostly caused by human activity on the planet.
-The impact of climate change keeps on increasing
-Increasing population and economic growth accelerates climate change and its impact.
-The globe is under threat and the future is very uncertain

(b) what is not yet known about a topic (in this case, climate change in Southern Africa).
-How best humanity can cope with the climate change. E.g. ways to reduce pollution caused by disposable products such as polystyrene foam packs
-How to consumption and production patterns can be regulated such that even the future generation can grow economically using the same environmental resources
-What will happen if we continue living this way
The curriculum should be reviewed to provide solutions to what is unknown.