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    I admire the change project for Mary Mount Teacher’s college of Zimbabwe where they are engaging in the making of the environment in the process of waste recycling and making them useful more especially the thin plastics that are causing much havoc to the vegetative cover which hinder the growth of plants better use of soil nutrients for plant growth as well as using land for gardening.

    The practice will have many impact to the community.
    Controlling soil by vegetative cover and benefit of fruits and vegetables. Which above all will be transferred to the student teachers, then to the learners then to all the communities where the student teachers and learners are coming from.

    It will bring sustainable source of income changing the livelihood of their families for the better. This way will eradicate poverty.

    The project will
    leave the environment well covered and with good healthy and good livelihood in their communities and better sustainable way of living in all angles of life.

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    Hie. I am Hopeson Mwala Mkwanda, lecturer at the Blantyre Teacher Teacher Training College in Malawi. I got interested in participating in this programme because I am a best fun of Environment, after attending to many wildlife forums as friends of the Earth. I love being close to making the Environment loved by any organism available and making it Sustainable, in the institution and surrounding community I stayed. Our initial change project is about planting of fruit trees and vegetables.

    Our change project implications include curbing the much polluted air, provision of curbing soil erosion for further vegetative cover, solve presence of more water available for planting of vegetables and element of Permaculture. Above all all is to have fruits and vegetables that can be good for population of institution and surrounding. This will impact the going green in our future within the environment surrounding us.

    The interest in this, is that to enrich the community with knowledge and skills of keeping the environment green and from green making good healthy and sustaining life.

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