Assignment: Change Project Part 2 – Exploring local “matters of concern”

In this part of the Change Project we invite you to use the’‘SDG wheel model’ to map out a ‘matter of concern’ in your local context (e.g. poverty, health, or water security or any other local matter of concern). To identify this matter of concern (the central part of the ‘SDG wheel’), you will have to consult local communities, or ask your students to do observations in the local context.

You can download the Learning Action 2  below. The final step for Learning Action 2 is to complete the Assignment discussed below.

We conclude Learning Action 2 with TASK 2:

Change Project Part 2 – Sustainable Development Goals and Critical Issues

Use the SDG ‘wheel’ framework to map out a local matter of concern, and to identify how it relates to the SDGs. From here you can begin to map out the contents, values and ethics, including local and indigenous knowledge that could help your students understand the matter of concern.  They can help to do this research! The framework of the ‘SDG wheel model’ can be found in the text in Learning Action 2, with further discussion on it. Use it to map out the following:

  • A description of the context – local, national, regional and international (i.e. how the issue situates in context and in relation to the wider SDGs and the emphasis on SDGs as put forward by the southern African community in their preparations for the SDGs).

  • Concerns in the local community that raise ethical issues or ‘purposes’ for education which hold meaning in the local context. What intangible heritage sources can be used to develop insight into the matter of concern? What features of the place can be used to develop insight into the matter of concern?

  • You could identify and summarise the available knowledge of the inter-related issues – here you should look into scientific knowledge as well as local, place-based and indigenous knowledge, and how these can be brought together for learning-led change.

  • And then identify what kind of learning-led change is needed in the context.

  • Map this out as possibilities for curriculum enhancement/enrichment in your current subject, and for future curriculum change.

Assignment Guidelines

Format: written task or ppt presentation

Length: Should include all aspects above, using the SDG wheel as a starting point. Between 2 to 3 pages written, or 5-6 slides on ppt.

Structure: Your report must include the links from the matter of concern to the relevant SDGs and relevant content that will help the students understand the matter of concern by making use of the framework of the ‘SDG wheel model’.

Prepare a report, or powerpoint based on the guidelines above, of 2 to 3 pages or 5-6 slides on powerpoint, and submit your assignment below.