Evaluating the Change Project for value creation

A value creation framework for evaluation

The Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme supports you to undertake an evaluation in such a way that you can monitor the development of the Change Project for its value creation benefits in your teacher education institutions. Evaluation means to ‘find value’. To guide the evaluation, we will use the framework provided by Wenger, Trayer and Laat (2011) which allows us to look for and document different forms of value that are created for participants in the course as shown in the diagram below.

Figure 1  Types of value in the Environmental Sustainable Development Change Project.

You can also read the course report from the 2020 SST Course to see what value was created for participants in the course last year. This report also shows how the work we are doing is cumulatively providing insight into ESD for monitoring of SDG 4, Target 4.7. The work is also informing policy briefs that are being developed for each country to strengthen ESD policy dialogue. Visit the sustainabilityteachers.org platform regularly for updates on these dialogues and other interactions.

Telling your value creation story

By answering the questions below, you will be able to reflect your ‘value creation stories’ that have come from developing your ESD Change Project in your ESD community of practice, and in the wider ESD network that you are working in. 

The network aspect refers to the set of relationships, personal interactions, and connections among participants who have personal reasons to connect. It is viewed as a set of nodes and links with affordances for learning, such as information flows, helpful linkages, joint problem solving, and knowledge creation.

The community aspect refers to the development of a shared identity around a topic or set of challenges. It represents a collective intention in the TEI or TVET institution community –however tacit and distributed – to steward an ESD Change Project and to sustain learning about it.

The emphasis in the evaluation will be on what you have been learning about ESD and what you have been learning from each other on ESD and educational change while you have been planning and implementing the ESD Change Project in your teacher education institution.

Make sure to work through Learning Action 5 Course Booklet that outlines the questions that will guide your development of your value creation story and how from the value creation stories, you can identify different types of value that have been created. Now fill in the questions below:

Your Value Creation Story

There is no need to have all types of value created. Focus on those that are real and that have been achieved to date. Further value can be created from the ESD Change Project in future.