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I would mobilise stories about tree cutting. I would work with students to collect data about what the local community knows about disadvantages of cutting trees and the benefits of protecting trees. The reason for taking for taking such an approach is to establish the knowledge that the community members already have so that the stories would include and ride on what traditions and heritage surrounds this particular SD. To the existing knowledge in the community, we would add the scientific knowledge around the given SD.
I would facilitate the understanding of the community about the matter of concern by sensitising them using the knowledge that they and that they do not know. Of course, the principle of known to unknown approach would be effective, in this case. First appreciate the knowledge they have before bringing in the new one. Students would be involved at different stages of this actvity.

To address the matter of concern, students and c=local community members would work together in various ways. Students would find out what the community members know, collect scientific data, sensitise the community using the blended information ( scientific and tradition) and then take an action to restore the situation together.

Progress would be monitored through observing the levels of cooperation from both ends. the levels can be observed by sharing and conducting field trips to see how the trees to restore the environment are growing.

The first thing to be done is to ensure understanding of what is expected by the students. The students should also be made to appreciate the importance of the teaching activity.
Students would be supported by regularly check on their progress and provide necessary guidance at different stages.