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1• Online discussions/blogs
It improves learning and competences. Online discussions/blogs play an important part in students’ learning as students learn to support each other, answering questions and sharing possible thoughts about a problem. students may also assess others’ ideas and challenge their conclusions, and above all allows many people to respond to comments and questions. In most cases, teachers have access to these groups and can assess attitudes, , values knowledge and skills.
2• Blended learning assessments;
The blended learning is the combination of traditional face-to-face learning environments with online education tools and approaches. Blended learning approaches differ widely and give the lecturer many options which includes asynchronous and synchronous fully online classes.
3• Online project based learning;
This approach gives students an opportunity to research on a given topic. It also helps students to develop their presentation and communication skills by illustrating their work using ICT and possibly recording their final work. This has the potential to support curriculum implementation and to enable students to give good evidence of what they know and can do.
4• e-portfolio;
The E-portfolios are collections of a student’s work, which can show how they are progressing over a period of time and reveal more than what the tests can. E-portfolios can contain essays, photographs, and other media, including videos, animations and audio. The scope of these is greater and a better match for the Competence-based Curriculum
5• Question Mark Perception;
Question mark Perception is a complete assessment management system that enables people to create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests, or surveys. People can be scheduled to take the assessments, deliver them in a variety of ways and then view the results in different types of report. Perception offers a cost-effective, easy way to utilize computerized assessments that measure knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

6• podcast
The Podcasting is a method used in higher education so that various digital resources can be shared with students. This i used to support a number of different learning preferences such as self-directed and peer-to-peer learning and can be distributed through various online channels, such as social media.
7• online/typed exams.
These assessments are used for many purposes in the educational system, as their effectiveness and utility must ultimately be judged by the extent to which they promote student learning. Hence, the lecturer will decide which one is the best method on assessment, or whether it should be online or typed hard copy examination