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Learning Action 1 has helped in identifying the gaps in the programmes. I have developed a better understanding of sustainable development and education for sustainable development. The programmes offered respond to ESD and SD issues. Mission states that the institution is committed to providing professional education and training, promoting research and community outreach. It also provides guidance on commercialized agriculture through combining theory and practical as well as research methodologies. It aims at producing competent graduates, responsive to clientele needs. Therefore in my opinion the programmes offered are inline with ESD and SD.
A more critical understanding of SD and ESD can be achieved by reviewing all the programmes and reinforcing SD issues in the curriculum and in teaching. More emphasis on ESD and SD activities that would change the mind set of educators students.
What is needed is to review the vision and mission to see if it reflects SD and ESD principles so that even those who are not aware of ESD and SD issues can develop a common understanding of ESD and SD .
The institution has to ensure that the vision and mission include SD and ESD issues. This will help those who are less familiar with the concepts of SD and ESD to develop a better understanding. There must also be an increase in the capacity of educators and trainers to more effectively deliver education for sustainable development. Colleagues have to ensure learner-centered instructional strategies that will enable exploratory, action-oriented and transformative learning.