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How would you work with students to mobilize stories and cultural heritage on a specific local SD issue or matter of concern.
-On environmental restoration through raising tree nurseries and tree planting, I would ask students to go out in the local community and find out if there are any people that are involved in raising tree nurseries and tree planting. If so, how often do they plant trees or how many trees do they plant in a year? How do they take care of those trees?If the community members have never done that, students should if out why?
How would you approach the matter of concern with a systems view? And how can this inform a participatory local inquiry into the matter of concern to understand it better? How would you do this with your students?
How would you work with your students and the community to work out what can be done together to address the matter of concern?
– Students will take an environmental audit of the local area and take photos of areas that have been deforested. Students will further ask the community, why they cut down trees, how they have been affected by deforestation and if there are any alternatives that can be used in the place of trees. Students together with the community will suggest some possible solutions to the problem.

Would it be possible to try out some of the proposed solutions and ways of dealing with the matter of concern? If so how would you and your students approach this?
– Yes it is possible. Students will work with the community to raise tree nurseries which can be planted in deforested areas after they have grown. The community will also come up with a small group that can be sensitizing other community members on the dangers of cutting down trees.

How would you assess progress in relation to the learning and the co-engaged, inquiry centred approach?
-Students and the community should hold meetings from time to time to report on the progress of trees any behavioral changes in terms of the sustainable use of the environment.There will be need also to physically monitor the progress of the trees in various areas where they will be planted

What would you need to do to implement this teaching activity with your students?
– Provide financial and technical support for the project
– Integrate scientific knowledge with indigenous knowledge about maintenance of trees

How could you support your students to use this T-learning sequence as they plan for practice teaching?
-Put them in groups and allow them to identify other issues of concern, and use the T-learning sequence to come up with solutions. These projects will be assessed and guidance will be given where necessary.