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1.How would you go about assessing the cognitive learning objectives?
What variety of assessment methods could you use for assessing the socio-emotional learning objectives?
The cognitive learning objectives in assessment would be assessed by designing assessment tasks that compel students to recall and reproduce factual information as they were given to them during the course. For example, in the specific case of our change project, students could be asked to state the various tree species that are being planted around the college.
2. What assessment approaches would you use to assess the behavioral learning outcomes, especially those that reflect values? This could be assessed by using a project method in which students are assigned, for example to tend a number of trees and then evaluate the level of commitment depending on how well they manage to take care of the plants. The health status of the plants signifies the extent of behavior change by the students on an ESD related task.
How would you assess social learning outcomes associated with the SDG, especially the involvement of learners working with communities on sustainable development actions (as emphasised in Learning Action 3)? This could be done by assigning students to cooperative tasks in which they have to cooperate with other learners or indeed community members for them to produce desirable results. For example, in the case of our change project, students could be put to work in teams, and construct some beehive shelves. The extent to which they succeed spells out how much they have obtained social learning.
How could you include the above in an inclusive end of course examination?
This can only be effectively included in an end of course examination by combining long term projects, portfolios and research projects.
To what extent does your assessment reflect assessment of significant learning?