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1. Zimbabwe Sustainability starts with teachers change project peer review meeting hosted in Harare in 2019.Their incorporation of indigenous knowledge in the higher institutional curriculum has captured my interest as this seems to be the bedrock of education. It’s best when learners study on things within their local environment where they are able to access information about them and can even see them, not only that but even understand better. It says to me that my ESD change project should be localized as to allow incorporation of indigenous knowledge.
2. Change project being developed in the Serowe College of Education in Botswana.Imparting practical skills on early childhood teachers and learners, creation of learning resource materials. Very much interesting! I see learners who are going to be equipped with creative skills and enhanced in their thinking capabilities also problem solvers because normally, in most African schools, there is always shortage or unavailability of learning materials therefore if teachers and learners are equipped with these skills, much better.