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Leonard Nkhata
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Comment and discuss on the forum how the following technology supported approaches can be used to enhance assessment of ESD.

Online discussions/blogs
These allow students to engage each other. So there is a lot of selfcorrection/reflection and peer review. Students negotiate ideas together and assess each other. This opens up new pathways of thinking where certain ESD topics can be enhanced through peer leadership.
Blended learning assessments
Blended learning assessments allow for learner flexibility in how they present their information. Learners become more self-directed and also improve their self-regulation skills and participation. This is necessary for to enhance assessment of ESD because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding ESD issues.
Online project based learning
Online project based learning helps students to understand the 21st C skills at a deeper level because it develops multimodal learning and evaluation skills. This provides a broad approach assessment of ESD because manipulating images, videos are necessary technology skills. Further, collaborative writing is practised using a variety of platforms.
The most interesting thing with e-portfolios is that they champion a students’ best works and the student is responsible for selecting and organising the work. This version of self-assessment/reflection could enhance assessment of ESD. Eportfolios connect different parts of the syallabus and give students a comprehensive understanding of how ‘everything’ fits together.
Question Mark Perception
The Question Mark Perception allows for assessment of ESD because it allows a configuration of different test types in a course and a large knowledge base can be covered or a number of different question types can be asked on one issue to determine mastery.
podcast; and
Podcasts allow students to listen to a recording and even engage in assessment online following a recording. This improves access to information and retention which subsequently can be used to support assessment. ESD issues can be addressed quickly and feedback received in time.
online/typed exams.

What would make these more appropriate for transformative learning and ESD practice?
These would be more appropriate if they target specific learning outcomes. In this way, learner effort is concentrated and leaves room for transfer of knowledge in future when faced with a similar problem.