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How would you work with students to mobilise stories and cultural heritage on a specific local SD issue or matter of concern (e.g. water pollution, waste, community health, energy, food security, safety of girl children etc.)?
-As students begin to prepare their lesson plans in readiness for peer teaching, they must be encouraged to find out more about the issue of concern.
How would you approach the matter of concern with a systems view? And how can this inform a participatory local inquiry into the matter of concern to understand it better? How would you do this with your students?
– Allow students to make suggestions and share their views
– Engage them in a guided inquiry as they explore about the SD issue of concern
– Together with students generate a plan of to tackle of concern
How would you work with your students and the community to work out what can be done together to address the matter of concern?
– First try to understand the SD issue taking account account the context of the community.
-Allow the community to share their views
– Engage the students and the community in knowledge sharing
– Work out a plan of plan of action together.
Would it be possible to try out some of the proposed solutions and ways of dealing with the matter of concern? If so how would you and your students approach this?
-Yes it is possible, we would engage in an inquiry, understand the issue of concern in depth.
-Use participatory approach.
How would you assess progress in relation to the learning and the co-engaged, inquiry centred approach?
– Use peer assessment
– Put some indicators/parameters that will define achievement. Not necessarily, the awarding of marks but rather the actual progress of the initiative being implemented.
What would you need to do to implement this teaching activity with your students?
How could you support your students to use this T-learning sequence as they plan for practice teaching?
-Provide learners access to SD materials
– Encourage learners to get information from the internet and other sources
-Plan together through reflecting and critical interrogation of the issue.
– Create hands-on activities that are fun and interesting so as to keep students engaged.