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How this Learning Action has helped you to re-view your TE/TVET programmes?
This LA has been important for the clarification of sustainable development and also to indicate more views on the issues of SD.
How can you work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in your context?
What still needs to be discussed and taken forward?
SD and ESD cannot be understood without being put into the context of everyday life. Once we think about what is sustainable development we can quit clearly see what is unsustainable. We can therefore be able to think about how to educate people in relation to sustainability and or unsustainability. Thus we can talk about Education (for) sustainable development.
Can you prepare some suggestions for colleagues / your department / your TE/TVET institution? What would you emphasise?
My institution being teacher education focused, it needs to focus more on the practical aspect of sustainable living. We need to emphasize on doing everything in a sustainable way so that teachers and students walk a sustainable walk NOT to talk sustainability. Education from experiential point of view.