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1. Online blogs
Learners reflect on what has been learned and learners apply what has been learned. Online blogs facilitate self assessment and reflective thinking.
2. Blended learning
Assessment of learners background knowledge through digital resources. Through face to face teaching, learners retention of concepts can be assessed and this also checks on whether some content has to be revisited or enriched. Learners ability to use the concepts delivered during face to face teaching can be evaluated through use of online tools.
3. Project based learning
Provides ongoing feedback and promotes reflection. This also promotes learners’ independence.
Showcases learners’ learning progression, achievement and evidence of what a learner can do. One is able to observe how a student learns through a student’s reflection.
5. Question mark perception
It is an assessment management system that enables one to create questions and organize them into examinations, quizzes, tests and surveys. It allows for peer assessment.
6. Podcast
It promotes deeper understanding of the context. It also provokes reflective thought and provides a forum for collaborative learning and learner’s knowledge creation. It allows for self directed learning.
7. Online/typed examination
It assesses the knowledge of the learners on a given topic. Learners can collaborate in writing the examination because the examination can be taken by learners where ever they are using their own devices.