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Mushinga wa Mooto
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• Online discussions/blogs
They provide opportunities for learners to improve their competences. The students learn from each other and support each other. this is because they answer questions and sharing ideas about the given tasks.
• Blended learning assessments;
it combines face-to-face learning systems with online arrangements. Blended learning approaches vary widely and give the lecturer many options. it provides room for cementing of materials learnt through one system by suing the other.
• Online project based learning;
it employs the use of online facilities to work and complete the learning activity. It supports curriculum implementation and when programmed well it enables the learners to do the tasks by themselves within the stipulated time and criteria.
• e-portfolio;
E-portfolios are online collections of a student’s works as the work progresses. They may include essays, photographs, and other media, including videos, animations and audio. they enrich assessment as they encompass a variety of skills and competencies.
• Question Mark Perception;
This assessment management system enables the teacher to create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests, or surveys. They can be administered and reported on using an array of formats. Apart from measuring knowledge, skills, and values, it also enhances the learning process as the learner is working on the tasks.
• podcast
it uses various channels to disseminate works and tasks using an array of numerous channels including social media
• online/typed exams.
either of them; they enable the teacher to check the ability of the learners summative state as regards the material covered.