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How would you go about assessing the cognitive learning objectives?
I would prepare tasks such assignments, tests in order to assess learners understanding of subject matter. However, I would ensure that the questions reflect the various levels of cognitive objectives. The knowledge level through to the highest level creating/synthesis.
What variety of assessment methods could you use for assessing the socio-emotional learning objectives?
These objectives are affective in nature, hence I would use methods such as peer-assessment, role play, hands-on activities in order accord learners an opportunity to show values such as awareness, respect for their friends views and feelings.
What assessment approaches would you use to assess the behavioral learning outcomes, especially those that reflect values?
Formative assessment would be appropriate so that different activities are used. I would use a range of activities such as demonstrations, illustrations, field work, hands-on science approach and other classroom and out of class actions. This will help learners to come up with alternative ways of doing things and in the process foster values such as awareness, appreciation and curiosity.
How would you assess social learning outcomes associated with the SDG, especially the involvement of learners working with communities on sustainable development actions (as emphasised in Learning Action 3)?
The learning outcomes is action orientated, I would activities such as discussions, forums, field work and any other that promote learner-teacher, learner-learner and learner community interactions. I would create opportunities for my learners to work with communities on sustainable development actions through projects. For example, tasking them to identify a local concern develop a project work with the community as part of their course work.
How could you include the above in an inclusive end of course examination?
I would use scenarios in theory examination questions that highlight SDG and community engagement. For practical examinations I can structure it in such a manner that they have a hands-on experience of different issues in the community. Apply their SDG understanding and knowledge to answer the examination.
To what extent does your assessment reflect assessment of significant learning?
To some extent due to the largely assessing cognitive objectives and somewhat behavioral objectives. However progress is being made to also assess socio-emotional learning and social learning ultimately significant learning.