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The project I enjoyed most was the Mwekera beekeepers because it was touching acquiring knowledge in the head, developing skills with the hands and within that project was an attempt to influence values and attitudes of the heart.
My thinking was influenced in that I realised that whatever we do at my faculty in an attempt to transform our curriculum documents, the prescribed course outlines approved by senate, it will be important to transact the transformation with the wider community meaning that we need to attach a component that not only fosters skills development but also one that supports the development of pro environmental values and attitudes. This speaks of inward transformation with an outward look that should culminate in networking with a wider set of people to realise sustainability.

In our project, we will be working on a document analysis project to determine the extent to which Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) practices have been integrated in the Curriculum practices at the Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) Faculty of Education (FoE).
This particular project was chosen as a ground breaking project to lay a solid foundation on which other future projects will be established. the search for evidence of ESE integration in all subject areas will:
(1) Enable the group to engage all lecturers in all disciplines
(2) Create catalytic effect to accelerate ESE integration in line with the 2030 United Nations Global Agenda (UNGA) currently focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our main focus is on SDG 4 and targets 4.7 and 4c in association with all the others SDGs.
(3) Help to create confidence among the participants as we attempt to find a solution to the problem of accumulated students answer scripts that are supposed to be destroyed after 5 years. As part of our work, the group will embark on a research exercise to determine the best way such huge yet confidential material could be turned into high quality bio fuel capable of serving the wider community of practice beyond the Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) Faculty of Education (FoE). The people I will be working with are fellow lecturers at SANU FoE taking part in this course.